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A Traveler’s History of the Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre towns, famous since Roman times for their white wine, are like snack time for rampaging pirates. Villagers run for cover down corridors buried deep in the clutter of homes that clog Vernazza’s ravine.

Volunteering Overseas for Over 50

With friends at IDP (internally displaced persons) camp in Herat, Afghanistan. I remember when President John F. Kennedy announced the…

Paris in Spring

Paris in spring is a delight. The City of Light is beautiful in all seasons, especially spring.

Paris A city to dream wild

Paris is the capital city of France. It is also said to be the city of lovers and the most romantic place on earth, and French is the language of love.

Hawaii’s forbidden ‘Stairway to Heaven’

The Haiku Stairs (Ha?ik? means “sharp break” in Hawaiian) offers a steep 2,500-foot ascent on Oahu that reaches the now abandoned station. Despite receiving an $875,000 metal renovation in 2003, according to, the trail is forbidden to many visitors wanting to endure the series of steps.

How to Save on Airfares

You know how TMZ shows you side-by-side photos of D-List celebrities and asks you, “What’s the Big Frigin’ Difference?” Now do that with the airlines – look for the differences between low-cost carriers like JetBlue and Southwest and legacy airlines such as American or United. Not much difference (but don’t miss my tips to save money, below).

Chistmas in New York City (NYC)

Holidays in NYC The holiday season in New York City is getting into full swing. “Magical” is the only way…


Gstaad is one of the most attractive Swiss holiday regions in the Swiss alps for familiy-, skiing-, hiking- and biking-vacations, it is also surrounded by some of Switzerland’s finest alpine scenery in the south west , about two hours’ drive from Geneva or Zurich on the boundary between the Bernese Oberland and the Vaud Alpes.

The Wonder Land of Socotra, Yemen

forest of frankincense trees, on the Yemeni island of Socotra, Socotra is home to nine species of the tree, all unique to the island with sweet fragrance


The island of Zakynthos, a beautiful green island in Greece, surrounded by the clear blue water of the the Ionian Sea.

Have a swim at the wide sandy beaches in the company of sea turtles, go snorkeling or scuba diving between rocks and in underwater caves.

Take a sailboat out or go surfing. Make a trekking-tour in the mountain-areas.

Enjoy the great weather on the sunniest island in the Mediterranean, and let yourself be swept away by the rhythms of Zakynthian life, joining the hospitable people of this island.

But that’s not all. Zakynthos (its total size is 406 square km) has much more to offer, so use the special links on the navigation board to see the aspects of this island of sea turtles, in which you may have an interest.

The Island is almost triangular in shape, with two green mountainous promontories extending into the sea to form the huge bay of Laganas.

There are more pine-covered mountains and hills in the north, but the centre is gentle and lush, richly planted with currant vines, olive trees, almonds and seasonal vegetables. There are dozens of beaches to choose from, sandy and sheltered with invitingly sparkling water. Flowers of every kind fill every available space, filling the air with the scent that so enraptured visitors of old.


Hawaii’s different natural scenery, mild tropical climate, plenty of public beaches and oceanic surrounding, and active geology make it a popular destination for tourists, surfers, biologists, and volcanologists alike. Hawaii Island has a remote climate. Hawaii has variety of environments like lush rainforests, volcanic deserts, and some of the world’s best beaches.

New Zealand

New Zealand, a wealthy Pacific nation, is dominated by two cultural groups: New Zealanders of European descent, and the minority Maori, whose Polynesian ancestors arrived on the islands around 1,000 years ago.

Agriculture is the economic mainstay, but manufacturing and tourism are important and there is a world-class film industry.

New Zealand has diversified its export markets and has developed strong trade links with Australia, the US, and Japan. In April 2008 it became the first Western country to sign a free trade deal with China.

Summer In Cyprus

For those seeking the splendour of the Mediterranean at its peak, summer is an ideal season to visit Cyprus

Manchester-UK- The Perfect City Getaway

Manchester has everything you need for an exciting and full city break, from excellent historic and cultural attractions, to a thriving nightlife to some of the best shopping in the UK.

The World’s Most Dreamy Beaches

Professional photographers know that when taking shots of beaches, there are some important rules and guidelines to follow, such as:…

Fourth of July in NYC 2012

Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks in New York City
You Won’t Want To Miss Macy’s Amazing Fireworks Display on the Hudson River, find out where to go..

Where to Go this Summer

Along with backyard barbeques and baseball games, summertime is synonymous with wanderlust. And since this breezy season officially begins on June 20th, here are our picks guaranteed to make for a brag-worthy getaway in some of the latest travel hotspots, from Fourth of July celebrations in Philadelphia, the Birthplace of America, to spectacular shopping deals in St. Barts to a flurry of festivals in Montreal.

World’s Best Places to Visit

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite spots from across the globe. Our list includes the most popular places and we’re adding new destinations all the time, so don’t worry if your favorite spot didn’t make the cut. Check back soon to see if your dream vacation makes the list.

Easter in Greece

Customs and traditions and practical information about Easter in Greece, candle lighting ceremony that begins at 11pm on Saturday night and ends after midnight when all the candles held by the people in and around the church have been lit by the holy flame and they begin their journey home, each person holding one.

New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Naturally, the Times Square ball drop. Because lifelong New Yorkers love Times Square on New Year’s Eve

Christmas in Austria

Christmas is undoubtedly the most important holiday in Austria. The most famous Christmas carol of all time ‘Silent Night’ was written as a poem in 1816 by an Austrian priest called Joseph Mohr. The story behind this is magica itself. The St Nicholas chruch organ at Oberndorf had broken a few days before Christmas, so the priest after considering the options decided to give the poem of Silent Night (Stille Nacht) to his friend Franz Xavier Gruber and the melody for Silent Night was composed and it was composed on a guitar!!

The Somerset cider trail: from orchard to glass

Down in England’s West Country lies the old county of Somerset, a patchwork of meadows, quiet villages and an orchard around every corner. It is a land of pigs snuffling fallen apples, old farmers telling tales in crumbling pubs, and field after field of wondrous English countryside.

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