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To Pack Before You leave on vacation is a must if you want to save on expensive snacks while in another country or if you are taking a vacation locally.


Here is a list of snacks if you or one of your family members  allergic to Gluten or other allergens


Enjoy Life Chewy Bars free-from common allergens

Enjoy Life Chewy Bars Gluten Free Caramel Apple

Enjoy Life Mix Snacks Gluten Free Healthy Snacks

Chewy Bars Cocoa Loco

All above products are Allergy Friendly Breakfast or Snack Bars free-from eight most common allergens: wheat/gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish. Products are also made without casein, potato, sesame and sulfites. Gluten- Free

Candy-GLUTEN FREE-FAT FREE Fini Jelly Gummy candy

This is another snack to pack with you for you or your family members who can’t tolerate gluten or dairy, Gluten Free, all natural without refined sugar or dairy

Cranberry Maple Nut, Gluten Free Granola Bars

Peanut Buttercup Granola Bar Gluten Free

More Gluten Free Snacks

Gluten Free  Zena’s chocolate pecan cookies and Bakery on Main Gluten Free granola bars


All above snacks can be used for the Gluten free members of the family or non-gluten free.

The followings are Non-gluten free cereals

Homestyle granola

Low Fat Protein Bars and  Breakfast Bars

Kellogg’s High protein cereals-High Fiber cereal

All above snacks and cereals can be used for kids but if you have a baby12 months and up you will need baby organic food perhaps!

look up this product by

little duck baby organic food

Another product by little duck organic with different flavor